Providing Instructional Leadership

The principal ensures that all students have ongoing access to quality teaching and learning opportunities to meet the provincial goals of education. (PQPG, Alberta Education, 2009, p.5)


The principal:

a) demonstrates a sound understanding of current pedagogy and curriculum

b) implements strategies for addressing standards of student achievement

c) ensures that student assessment and evaluation practices throughout the school are fair, appropriate and balanced

d) implements effective supervision and evaluation to ensure that all teachers consistently meet the Alberta Teaching Quality Standard

e) ensures that appropriate pedagogy is utilized in response to various dimensions of student diversity

f) ensures that students have access to appropriate programming based on their individual learning needs

g) recognizes the potential of new and emerging technologies, and enables their meaningful integration in support of teaching and learning

h) ensures that teachers and other staff communicate and collaborate with parents and community agencies, where appropriate, to support student learning

i) supports the use of community resources to enhance student learning.

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I have met this criteria by doing the following:

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