Posted by: kstridegoudie | June 3, 2016

Prescott Furniture Sneak Peak – May 31, 2016

Prescott Learning Centre is becoming a reality with each passing day!  A key component for me is to involve people in the process of “co-creating” the culture at Prescott. We have a unique privilege and opportunity to build this foundation together.

We believe that the furniture choices at Prescott, will help to foster a “collaborative learning culture”.  A colourful, warm environment with comfy and flexible seating, wobble stools, and tables which can be configured in multiple ways … will encourage community building, discussions & collaboration.  At Prescott Learning Centre … we will collaborate, create and learn together.

Please check out our Google Slide Presentation that we shared with our Prescott Staff in May, 2016.

Prescott Staff – Furniture Sneak Peak … May 31, 2016


In addition, after we open in the Fall, 2016 … we will create a focus group, which will provide opportunities for students, staff & parents to provide input & suggestions on “soft seating” and furniture choices for our Collaboration Centre, Innovation Studio, Conference Room etc.  This will help to build community and bring ownership to our Prescott Community … of our beautiful, new learning centre.

Prescott Learning Centre … a place to collaborate, create and learn together …




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