Posted by: kstridegoudie | May 6, 2015


GC 4I had the privilege to spend an hour or so with George Couros, Parkland School Division Principal – Innovative Teaching & Learning.  For those of us who know George, he lives and breathes “innovation” & “technology”.  He is a role model of a connected, transparent learner and leader.

I began chatting with George about having a “growth mindset” (Dweck), which is critical when bringing in new ideas, new initiatives and moving forward in education. However, George is challenging me … that isn’t enough, Karen. And quite frankly … he is absolutely right.  So we move on in our conversation about ramping it up to an “innovator’s mindset”.

So what does an innovative mindset mean ? George is adamant — it isn’t duplicating or replicating a great idea or teaching practice. It’s about taking an idea / practice and tweaking it to “create” something new and different … and in the process – make it better.

As I sit and reflect this evening … my thoughts are also drawn to Sir Ken Robinson.  I recently viewed one of his TED Talks on Innovation.  He states, “All children have the capacity of innovation. All children have talents and we squander them.” (We … meaning educators). As a principal, I want to “open up the world” for our students … foster innovation and creativity … create opportunities and … ignite a passion for “life-long learning”.

So … what is my take away from today’s discussion?  I know that as an educational leader … I need to keep pushing …. keep learning …  keep moving forward … keep taking risks … be creative … and foster an INNOVATOR’s mindset … thanks George Couros for the inspiration and challenge today! I appreciate your leadership!

It was GREAT to have George visit us today at Muir Lake School!

Further info …

Here’s a link to George’s blog post entitled, The Innovator’s Mindset – and a visual –

IM 1



  1. Thanks Karen!!! I really enjoyed our conversation and my wheels have been turning on how we create “equity” at the highest level for our students in Parkland. I look forward to continuously working with you moving forward and am excited about the idea of the “innovator’s mindset for Parkland School Division. Thank you for modelling your learning!

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