Posted by: kstridegoudie | April 24, 2012


It has been a very exciting opportunity for me to create a complementary leadership team for Muir Lake School.  I believe the demands of leadership in a school exceed the capacity of one person and it is indeed a privilege to have an Assistant Principal.  The aim has been to create an environment which fosters the different dimensions of effective leadership

Travis and I have been very deliberate in fostering a spirit of collaboration and team at Muir Lake School.  We have modeled this in our own collaborative style of leadership.  Our goal has been to really live out the acronym found in TEAM where T – Together E – Everyone A – Achieves M – More.  We believe we are more effective as a team, rather than individual leaders.

Our different gifts and talents bring strength to our school community.  Douglas Reeves, in “The Learning Leader”, states, “No single person can achieve the essential demands of leadership alone.” Travis and I are very different and we bring diverse skill sets and characteristics to the Muir Lake School Team.  However, our fundamental beliefs and core values as educational leaders are similar.

My task as a principal, according to Douglas Reeves  … is to create an environment in which the leaders are empowered to create complementary teams.  I have empowered Travis as an educational leader and he in turn has created leadership opportunities for other staff members. The goal is to continually build leadership capacity among our staff.

We realize that facilitating leadership is a journey and it takes time. We also realize that Distributed Leadership is very powerful to experience and lead. Reeves states, “It is based on trust, as well as the certain knowledge that no single leader possesses the knowledge, skills and talent needed to lead an organization, any more than the genius who designed the Temple of Concord had the ability to build the structure alone.” (p. 28) This is a very interesting analogy as we move forward in educating our 21C staff. 

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