Posted by: kstridegoudie | April 24, 2012


As I sit here … I am overwhelmed by the responses in the Feedback Surveys which were given to support staff, teachers and parents.  Almost without exception … the people who responded to the survey … provided a rating of “4” – Very effective or “5” – Highly effective to most of the questions.

I looked closely at the Leadership Dimension – Fostering Effective Relationships, as I had identified this as an area of focus for my Professional Growth Plan.  I sit here humbled at the feedback I received.

Staff and parents provided additional comments supporting their ratings and referencing such things as, the way I have treated them, their sense of feeling “valued”, the respect and dignity that they experienced, my “open door” policy and approachability, and the way I have truly listened to their perspectives. Further comments highlighted my problem solving and conflict resolution skills.

A second area of focus was the Leadership Dimension – Leading a Learning Community.  Again, the ratings were very high.  The Staff has been appreciative of the professional learning opportunities in assessment, the new report card, various subject areas, inclusive education and technology.

Teachers clearly stated how much they appreciated the time we have provided for grade level and subject level teams to collaborate.  The journey with the new report card has fostered a spirit of collaboration and team … really working together and learning from each other.

We have created several google docs throughout the year, as we have wanted to gather feedback from staff for various purposes.  One such google doc was focused on the new report card.  We were looking for their feedback and how we could support them along the journey.  Several teachers requested PD on assessment.  They were requesting some direction to ensure that their current assessment practices were in alignment with the new report card and that they had adequate, authentic data to support their report cards.  In response, we have provided them with a copy of Anne Davies, ‘Classroom Assessment that Works’, and have begun a book study on our PD Days.  The professional dialogue and discussions are stimulating. We also provided all staff with journals and journal reflections are becoming a part of our learning journey.


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