Posted by: kstridegoudie | April 24, 2012


We have had a unique opportunity in the office at Muir Lake School as the entire office staff was new to our positions and three of us were new to the school.  This has been both challenging and rewarding.  We have relied on Janine’s wisdom of the “community context” throughout this year.  Douglas Reeves, in “Learning Leader” talks about leaders being “architects of individual and organizational improvement”.  I believe as an Administrative Team at Muir Lake School, we have had the distinct privilege of experiencing this as we created and designed a team built on trust, mutual respect and collaboration.

At the beginning of the year, we challenged the teachers initially to write and work together on a “collaborative learning goal” as part of their Professional Growth Plans.  Some teachers embraced this challenge and have really benefitted from the learning opportunity.  Our goal for next year is that we move more teachers in that direction.  In addition, we provided opportunities for teachers to collaborate on assessment practices, writing comments for report cards and planning student led conferences. We believe that these collaborative opportunities have impacted student learning and best practices in the classroom.

The “team spirit” of our Educational Assistants is all-encompassing.  They care for each other, support each other, and value each member on the team. They have clearly demonstrated the essence of “team” whole-heartedly. I believe it was important for me to bring them together as a team on PD Days to cultivate the closeness.  I am confident that this has helped to validate their contributions to students and staff in our school.  Our EA Team is strong and supportive of one another!

As I reflect … at the mid-point of my first year as Principal at Muir Lake School … I can say with confidence, that I am totally excited to be here and am truly blessed to be leading this team.  Thank you for this opportunity!


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