Posted by: kstridegoudie | April 17, 2012

Developing Leadership in Assistant Principal



We are extremely excited for the opportunity to build the leadership team at Muir Lake School. We look forward to building strong relationships with the students, staff and parents of the school community.

We anticipate this year to be an excellent year of continuing to provide a safe, caring and stimulating environment in which students can grow intellectually, emotionally, and socially.

As your educational leaders at Muir Lake School our foundational “BIG ROCKS” or “core values” are:

  1. Excellence in Academics and Citizenship
  2. Respect
  3. Integrity
  4. Community

Our vision is that we will empower Muir Lake School to become more vibrant, strong, and successful as we celebrate the unique talents and abilities of all learners. We believe that our leadership will bring new energy, passion and zest to Muir Lake School, while building on the strengths of previous staff and administration.

As your educational leaders, we look forward to collaborating with the staff and parents as we work together on current trends in education focussing on 21 century learners, critical thinking and ethical citizenship. We are committed to building a strong partnership between home and school. Please feel free to contact us at the school by telephone 780.963.3535 or email: and

Karen Stride-Goudie, Principal                  Travis McNaughton, Assistant Principal


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