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HAPPY HALLOWEEN 2017 from Prescott PUMAS!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN from Prescott Learning Centre!  It was so much FUN to bring our school community together for a Costume Parade! Building Community … FUN … TEAM … GO PUMAS! IMG_9090.jpg

And of course TEAM PRESCOTT … got in on the FUN!!


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October, 2017 @ Prescott – “Co-Creating our Learning Journey”

We are “co-creating a culture of learning at Prescott Learning Centre!  We are very grateful for the opportunity to “co-create” our learning journey as a staff through our Flexible Professional Development Plan.


Thank you Nicole Marcinkevics and Nealle Dickson for your leadership as we dig into John Hattie’s research: “Visible Learning for Literacy”. We are focussing on implementing the practices that work best to accelerate student learning.

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Orange Shirt Day – September, 2017

Staff and students at Prescott Learning Centre showed support today for our aboriginal people. #OrangeShirtDay  Acknowledging … Every Child Matters! Truth and Reconciliation … a journey that affects us all.

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Grand Opening @ Prescott Learning Centre – October 24, 2016

My heart is so full as I reflect on our Grand Opening at Prescott Learning Centre!

What a privilege and honor it was to have so many distinguished guests here to celebrate with us!


Today … we made history!  

Today … we launched Prescott as a “learning centre” for our 21st Century Learners!  

Today … we celebrated the many opportunities our students and staff will have here at Prescott!


We are so PROUD of our Prescott TEAM of students & staff –

YOU truly made this event a success!

Thank you!

Karen Stride-Goudie Opening Speech

Prescott Grand Opening – Video Highlights




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July, 2016 – News at Prescott


I spent a few moments in my office yesterday at Prescott Learning Centre!  I had just finished walking through the second floor of the Core Structure.  Our Learning Centre is just GORGEOUS!! I can’t wait to welcome staff, students, and parents into our brand new learning centre!

I feel so BLESSED to be the Principal of Prescott Learning Centre!


Prescott Learning Centre has beautiful learning spaces … which will provide opportunities to foster collaboration, creativity and learning together!

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June, 2016 – What’s Happening at Prescott?

How EXCITING to bring Prescott Staff to Prescott Learning Centre!  They say, “WOW! It’s so BEAUTIFUL!” Their enthusiasm and energy is contagious!! The Prescott Learning Centre Team is excited and can’t wait to meet your children in September!

June, 2016 – What’s Happening at Prescott?

June, 2016 Prescott Site Video



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Prescott Furniture Sneak Peak – May 31, 2016

Prescott Learning Centre is becoming a reality with each passing day!  A key component for me is to involve people in the process of “co-creating” the culture at Prescott. We have a unique privilege and opportunity to build this foundation together.

We believe that the furniture choices at Prescott, will help to foster a “collaborative learning culture”.  A colourful, warm environment with comfy and flexible seating, wobble stools, and tables which can be configured in multiple ways … will encourage community building, discussions & collaboration.  At Prescott Learning Centre … we will collaborate, create and learn together.

Please check out our Google Slide Presentation that we shared with our Prescott Staff in May, 2016.

Prescott Staff – Furniture Sneak Peak … May 31, 2016


In addition, after we open in the Fall, 2016 … we will create a focus group, which will provide opportunities for students, staff & parents to provide input & suggestions on “soft seating” and furniture choices for our Collaboration Centre, Innovation Studio, Conference Room etc.  This will help to build community and bring ownership to our Prescott Community … of our beautiful, new learning centre.

Prescott Learning Centre … a place to collaborate, create and learn together …




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May, 2016 – What’s Happening at Prescott?

Collaboration, Creativity & an Amazing Learning Adventure lies ahead for us at Prescott Learning Centre!  Being able to walk Frances & Catherine (our Office Admin), Cathy (our Library Tech) and Linda (our AMAZING PSD purchaser) through Prescott today was exhilarating!  They were so excited and in awe of our beautiful learning centre! They can’t wait to get started … get things set up … and welcome our students and their families!

How AMAZING to bring staff to Prescott Learning Centre and see the building coming to life!  Look forward to lots of colour, creativity and two gymnasiums!

May, 2016 – What’s Happening at Prescott?

May, 2016 Prescott Site Video

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Meeting Prescott Students Currently in Grades K – 4

How FANTASTIC to be meeting our Early Years’ Prescott students. YEH!! Visiting Parkland Village School, Brookwood School and Millgrove School to meet with our Prescott Grades K-4 students was such a delight!  We shared pictures and videos of their new school.  They were so EXCITED!

Being able to see the students brings a heightened excitement to us! There is a gorgeous building being created for these students and their families. YEH – Prescott!!

Please check out the Google Slide Presentation we shared with our Prescott K-4 students in May, 2016.

Grades K – 4 – Meet and Greet – May, 2016




On Monday, May 16th, all current grade 5, 6 & 7 students who will be attending Prescott Learning Centre in the fall were bussed to Greystone Centenial Middle School for a “Meet and Greet” with the Principal, Karen Stride-Goudie and Assistant Principal, Nealle Dickson. This was a great opportunity for students from Woodhaven and Greystone schools to meet and connect with each other.

We were so excited to meet with Prescott Learning Centre’s first ever middle years students!  It was fantastic to introduce some of the teaching staff and have them share their excitement of joining Prescott Learning Centre’s Team.  Students enjoyed the pictures & latest videos of their new school.  YEH PRESCOTT!




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